What Celebrities Have Performed Facial Surgery: Examples Before And After

The search for perfection and eternal youth generates that we worry more and more about our physical appearance and even more if, like the famous, they have to live from it. Thanks to the advances of existing Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, different Facial Surgery Treatments that allow us to modify and improve those facial features that we do not like in order to achieve the best version of ourselves.

What Famous Have Had Facial Surgery: The Case Of Penelope Cruz

In 1992 the Spanish actress wore her fully natural beauty, but shortly after she entered the world of retouching and her first intervention was performed, Rhinoplasty. Penelope went from having a large nose with a very drooping tip to a much finer and more sophisticated nose.

Another intervention that was carried out was the Otoplasty or Ear Surgery, since it had ears that were very detached from the head and quite large. In order to refine and outline her face, a Bichectomy has also been performed, a Surgery that reduces the volume of the cheeks. And at present, he has also carried out different aesthetic medicine retouching such as Botox, Cheek Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid or Brow Lift.

Bella Hadid

The renowned international model who has participated in fashion shows for haute couture brands such as: Dior, Chanel, Victorias Secret or Louis Vuitton; She is one of the celebrities that presents very surprising changes. It is, logically, from this compilation of which celebrities have undergone Facial Surgery.

Bella had a very great nose, with a wide septum, she also had very thin lips and a very rounded face.

The super model underwent a Rhinoplasty , a Cheek Augmentation and a Bichectomy, now she presents one of the most demanded beauties in the world. In addition, she is also a huge fan of Aesthetic Medicine touch-ups such as Lip Augmentation with a perfectly defined and contoured cupid’s bow, Botox in the entire area between the eyebrows and Hyaluronic Acid to fill in dark circles.

Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky presents one of the most amazing physical changes of the famous Spanish. The actress and model has undergone countless Facial Surgeries that have softened her face. Rhinoplasty is more than evident, since before, Elsa, had an ‘aquiline nose’ with a very prominent hump and a very wide tip, on the contrary, now she has a perfect, small and upturned nose.

On the other hand, the actress also Pataky decided to increase the volume of her cheekbones to give her face a more feminine and proportionate appearance.

In addition, a Lip Augmentation was performed to have more juicy and fleshy, Botox between the eyebrows and to raise the eyebrows and Dental treatments to take care of her smile.

Blake Lively

The actress of the well-known series ‘Gossip Girl’ has not left anyone indifferent with herRhinoplasty, since she has gone from having a very large and disproportionate nose to sporting a perfect, small and elegant nose. Blake has also performed an Eyebrow Lift that promotes a more open and feline look, anda Mandibular Marking that gives the face much more definition.


The internationally known singer and dancer has also decided to use the help of the scalpel to Europeanize her beauty and be a reference throughout the world. What interventions have been carried out? Without a doubt, a Rhinoplasty to narrow the shape of your nose, a Bichectomy to show a finer and more delicate face, a depigmentation of your skin tone, Eyebrow Lift and Cheek Augmentation.

Shakira has gone from showing off a much more delicate and sophisticated beauty, being a reference for many women.

Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza González is another of the examples of which celebrities have undergone Facial Surgery.

A few years ago the actress was very different from the one we currently see, to the point it is impossible to deny that she has undergone surgery on more than one occasion. The actress has had a chin augmentation to pronounce the oval shape of her face. The Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is another of the infinite interventions that Eiza has performed, before her eyelids were very droopy and they made her look sad, on the contrary, now she has an open and torn look.

Although Eiza has denied having performed surgeries, she confirmed that she did undergo surgery to operate on her nose, an operation that according to her was strictly for health reasons.