Rhinoplasty Before And After Hollywood Celebrities

Famous people have no escape from the rest of humans knowing their appointments with aesthetic medicine. And it is enough with a flash shot to leave an image of before that will come to light sooner or later to tell us how many surgeries or aesthetic treatments have been applied in order to improve an image that these actors, actresses, singers or models that we adore so much.

After all, they are just like us, flesh and blood, and they also wake up in the morning looking in the mirror and saying, “Oops, I don’t like this that much.” Fortunately, they have more time and resources to deal with these tweaks. Sometimes the natural image is lost and they go overboard with the scalpel, but this is material from another article.

Let’s be surprised and delighted with the nasal changes of Hollywood celebrities :

Gwen Stefani

The one who was once the component of the famous pop group No Doubt and for a few years has been walking alone, reaping great successes long ago gave the “yes, I want” to rhinoplasty. The change has been very natural and her nose is totally in line with the rest of the features of her face.

The surgery focused on slightly reducing the trestle and sharpening the tip . We give our nose jobs surgeon in Florida a good thumbs up.

Winona ryder

The protagonist of “Inocencia Interrupted” has also done a small easel filing and has made the tip much finer. The result is an ideal nose.


The change of this girl has been brutal. The truth is that seeing the before and after we definitely stay with the after ; since with rhinoplasty he has achieved a much sweeter and more feminine face.

Blake Lively

The Gossip Girl protagonist also gave in to the nose job. The change is not radical, but her nose is much thinner and makes her face softer .

Gisele Bundchen

The top of the tops also joins this cast of nose surgery. Even with her old nose Gisele was really beautiful, but it must be admitted that by refining the septum and the tip she has managed to enhance her features much more .

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett’s surgeon has focused on shaping the tip to make it smaller, and he’s been right.

Patrick Dempsey

For the lovers of “Grey’s Anatomy”, here you have one of his doctors who, rightly, has retouched the tip and is much more handsome .

Kate moss

It is another one that has won with rhinoplasty. His nose was gaining a lot of weight on his face.

Natalie Portman

This is one of the cases in which you could question the reason for a rhinoplasty.

Cameron Diaz

She openly admits it . He did not like the tip of his nose and changed it. There were no more laps to give.

Megan fox

This is another of the cases in which one wonders if surgery was really necessary.

At the moment we are staying with these celebrities but the list can reach many more lines, as we already told you in the previous post, the famous Spanish women who have put aside their nasal personality in the operating room.

What do you think of these rhinoplasties?…