Nose Operated

Famous Celebs Who Have Had Their Nose Operated

Getting a nose job is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries in the world. Also among the famous: Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Elsa Pataky … Look at the before and after of 15 ‘celebs’.


When she started her solo career, after being one of the best known faces of the Black Eyed Peas band, the singer seems to have said to herself: ‘new life, new nose’. A retouch that, as is usually the canon, tries to maintain the features but refining the volumes.

Elsa Pataky

The Spanish actress, who has just premiered the Tidelands series on Netflix , is probably the greatest known rhinoplastic success story. Elsa Pataky was already one of the sexiest rising stars of her generation. But the master touch of his surgeon managed to chisel a face of inexhaustible beauty. 


Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has played the first man to walk on the Moon in his latest film. But he’s by no means the first to touch up his nose, with as much taste as his performance in La La Land opposite Emma Stone.

Miley Cyrus

Even retouching your nose to get a sharper profile (which is what, apparently, we all want). And it has been so good that even the ‘yes, I want’ has arrived, at her wedding with Liam Hemsworth. Would you ask your now-sister-in-law, Elsa Pataky for advice?


Keira Knightley

Even the most youthful and refined faces, like KeiraKnightley’s, aspire to rhinoplastic retouching to balance their features. This is how the image of Chanel must have thought to touch up sensibly (but perceptibly) her nasal appendage.

Zac Effron

Much has been said (and enjoyed) of ZacEffron’s muscular evolution , from his emergence as a teenage sex symbol to his establishment as a handsome maces. And very little of his nasal retouch, when there is, there is.

Megan Fox

The protagonist of the first Transformers is, in herself, a transformed being, from her squishy adolescence to her maturity operated as a sex symbol. She became so beautiful, that it went to her head, and so wayward, that now she only does series B. 

Cameron Diaz

The protagonist of Something About Mary and Charlie ‘s Angels is one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood for her features. And yet even Cameron Diaz has undergone the familiar nose retouch. But like Letizia Ortiz, she has, according to her own confession, for health reasons. In his case, for breaking it … twice, with a surfboard and his own knee. Do we believe it?